+Cameron Crawford in Roving Room at Habersham Mills,
657 Habersham Mills Complex Drive,
Demorest GA 30535 Habershammills@gmail.com.
May 16–July 31, 2014.

--Reception: Friday, May 16, 4-9pm,
Open House: Saturday, May 17, 11am-3pm,
All other hours by appointment.

--With work by: JDHD Collaborators, Kendall Martin Babl, Geoffrey Todd Smith, Jen Ra, Cameron Gibson, Eric Ruschman, Nicole Wilson, Taylor Davis, Will Rogan, Anne Greene Kelly, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Jared Buckheister, Bekka Goedde, Dawn Cerny, Judith Leeman, Elijah Burgher, Ashley Lyon, Erin O'Brien, Grace Davis, Meg Taylor Noe, Steve Reinke, Rebecca Beachy, Jessie Mott, Julia Klein, Rachel Niffenegger, Cameron Crawford, Virginia Lee Montgomery, Lucinda Bunnen, Judy Lampert, Sandra Erbacher, Olve Sanda, Rodrigo Hernandez, Chase Folsom, Amy Pleasant, Carmelle Safdie, Allyson Vieira, Tiana Tucker, Michelle Rosenberg, Tobias Putrih, Virginia Overton, Virginia Overell, Hao Ni, Erin Jane Nelson, Joseph Montgomery, Donna Mintz, Ryan MacFarland, Hailey Lowe, Joe Brittain, Annie Bielski, Pamela Fraser, Audrey Hynes, Nancy Shaver, Mike Rea, Matt Morris, Chelsea Culp and Ben Foch, David Moré.

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+By Kalliopi Minioudaki for Kaput.

+By Jeff for Art Lobster.

+By Oscar A. Laluyan for Arte Fuse.

+By Michael Wilson for Art in America magazine.

+A recorded/podcast/panel discussion moderated by David Cohen in discussion with Bill Berkson, Will Heinrich, and Karen Wilkin at Art Critical.

+By Stephen Truax at ArtPulse Magazine

+By Kenneth Baker for the San Francisco Chronicle.

+By Stephen Squibb for Art Agenda.

+By Roberta Smith for The New York Times.

+By Kyle Chayka for ARTINFO.com

+By Anthony Elms for Modern Painters

+Photographs of Cameron Crawford's work in the 2012 Whitney Biennial can be seen in the May issue of Art Forum.

+ Hej Curatorial has released "no.3", a collection of artist-designed temporary tattoos. Featuring designs by Ann Hackett and Tara Perry, Cameron Crawford, Marian Tubbs, Marissa Neroutsos, and Sophia Le Fraga. Hej Curatorial is curated by Charlie Tatum and Dana Kopel.

+OVER AND OVER, published by satumaa*kustantamo with sound by Cameron Crawford and text by Marja-leena Sillanpää

+Cameron Crawford's Elegance is Refusal is featured in the2012 Whitney Biennial Catalogue. Collect them all!

+Cameron Crawford's Elegance is Refusal is featured in the book Blast Counterblast, edited by Anthony Elms and Steve Reinke,
--Blast Counterblast is published by WhiteWalls and Mercer Union.
--It is currently available from University of Chicago Press and the Whitney Museum of American Art bookstore, among other places.

+Cameron Crawford's REPLACE VACATION WITH (Untitled Version) was featured in Manual for Treason, a publication commissioned by the Sharjah Art Foundation for the Sharjah Biennial 10: Plot for a Biennial. Pictures forthcoming.

+Cameron Crawford was awarded The Claire Rosen & Samuel Edes Foundation Prize for Emerging Artists for the 2011-'12

Cameron Crawford received a BFA in Fiber and Material Studies from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA in Art Theory and Practice from Northwestern University. He has exhibited most recently in the 2012 Whitney Biennial, in Whitewalls: Writing by Artists 1978-2008 at Golden Gallery in New York, inDouble Jointed at Scaramouche in New York, and in Mouthing (the sentient limb) at The Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago.

His work has been published in: 2012 Biennial Catalogue (Whitney Museum of American Art/Yale University Press), Manual for Treason, (Sharjah Biennial/Sharjah Art Foundation), and in Blast Counterblast (MercerUnion/WhiteWalls/University of Chicago Press) edited by Steve Reinke and Anthony Elms.

He was awarded The Claire Rosen & Samuel Edes Foundation Prize for Emerging Artists in 2011 and his work is included in several private collections.

C.V. and artist statement available by request.

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+Cameron Crawford in Where It Looks Like Itself at TEMP, 57 Walker St. New York NY, 10013 July 25–August 11, 2013.
--With work by: Cameron Crawford, Allie Pisarro-Grant, and Marian Tubbs. Curated by Dana Kopel.

+Cameron Crawford in Every Act, a Repetition at Laurel Gitlen, 122 Norfolk Street New York, NY 10002. June 28–August 2, 2013.
--With work by: Guy de Cointet, Cameron Crawford, Glen Fogel, Steffani Jemison. Curated by Christopher Aque.

+Cameron Crawford in WhiteWalls: Writings by Artists 1978 - 2008 at Golden Gallery, 120 Elizabeth, New York City. July 13 - August 5, 2012.
--Featured work by: Dike Blair, Gregg Bordowitz, Mary Ellen Carroll, Cameron Crawford, Jeanne Dunning, Anthony Elms, Wendy Jacob, Silvia Kolbowski and Simon Leung, Helen Mirra, A. Laurie Palmer, Mary Patten, John Ploof, Timothy Porges, Buzz Spector, Reagan Upshaw, & Roberta Upshaw!!!

+Cameron Crawford and Jibade Khalil Huffman, in Double Jointed. Curated by Megha Ralapati, at Scaramouche in New York City. Opening May 20th, 2010. Double Jointed press release here. Through July 8th.

+Cameron Crawford was one of 51 artists included in the 2012 Whitney Biennial of American Art, curated by Elisabeth Sussman and Jay Sanders, at the Whitney Museum of American Art, March 1 – May 27, 2012.

+Cameron Crawford in "Mouthing (the sentient limb)" at the Hyde Park Art Center July 17 – October 16, 2011.
Featuring work by: Cameron Crawford, David Gracie, Rachel Herman, Yun Jeong Hong, Julia Klein, Dani Leventhal, Todd Mattei, Christopher Meerdo, Chris Naka, Erin O’Brien, Steve Reinke, Melanie Schiff, Amy Sillman

+Cameron Crawford's Babies. Babies. No Babies. (armpit) at PEREGRINEPROGRAM.
500 W Cermak Rd. #727
Chicago, IL
This show was a Top 5 Pick for Bad At Sports.
--Visit the PEREGRINEPROGRAM website, e-mail PEREGRINEPROGRAM, or get right with PEREGRINE PROGRAM on facebook.

+John Almanza/Cameron Crawford at NEW CAPITAL 3114 W. Carroll in Chicago
--This show was a top five pick for both Newcity and Bad at Sports.
--Huey Copeland will write about New Capital's exhibition of Sick Sic Six Sic ((Not) Moving)for the forthcoming New Capital book.
--The closing reception at New Capital featured a great performance by Coppice.
Visit the New Capital website, e-mail New Capital, or get right with New Capital on facebook.

+Release/Launch for OVER AND OVER (special edition nr 8 from satumaa*kustantamo) with sound by Cameron Crawford
and text by Marja-leena Sillanpää
--WXOU RADIO in NYC Sunday Aug 26, 2012, at 7 pm.

+Cameron Crawford reading from his own work and from the WhiteWalls magazine archives, as part of WhiteWalls: Writings by Artists 1978 - 2008 at Golden Gallery, 120 Elizabeth, New York City. 7pm onJuly 15, 2012.

+Whitney Museum of Art Curatorial Assistant, the wonderful Elisabeth Sherman, in conversation with Cameron Crawford, Matt Porterfield, and Richard Maxwell at 92Y Tribeca. March 25, 2012.

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